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( Jan. 7th, 2011 03:37 am)
I know it's a wall of text, but please read it if you get the chance.

For those of you who missed the edit in my previous entry (and are even still reading this thing ^^; ), I got a very strong response this afternoon from an impromptu phone interview one of the firms I applied at gave me while I was sitting in the airport; the interviewer felt that, given my responses, I would not only be a great fit, but would even be good for a promotion on short order. They want me to come in on the 18th for a more formal interview, to absolutely ascertain whether or not I would fit. Now, this presents a mild difficulty, as plane tickets are going to be getting more and more expensive the longer I wait, especially to get there by that date; however, I could travel by bus, pay a little more than the plane would be if I left at the last minute, and be able to ghost FC while also just generally being in the San Francisco area, primed and ready to go. I have requested the assistance I mentioned a few posts ago from a family member and await her reply / suggestions; however, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the "get there earlier" option.

That having been said, I asked in my previous entry, but I'll ask again - any folks presently residing in San Fran or the general Bay area who wouldn't mind me crashing for as short a time as possible? I doubt I'll be bringing my cat immediately due to the cost of doing so (and I don't know the bus' policy on pets), so as much as I'll miss him he probably won't be an issue if having him otherwise would be. I just really need at least that much help getting rooted there, if at all possible; I'd rather not have to spend those weeks in a parking lot, carrying around my belongings everywhere. Additionally, as I said in my previous post, if there's enough room and/or you need a housemate (and, in that case, would not mind my cat's presence), once I get situated with a job I would be more than willing to start paying rent and just stay for a little while. Keeping in mind that, in addition to this very strong probability, I have two additional plans for employment out there, and would even then be out every day looking for such opportunities, I would hope this is not an unreasonable favor to ask.

Upon getting back to Socorro this evening, I was again reunited with Toulouse; I missed him so much. He's such a good cat, really. :3 I was also met by a large pile of mail, most of which I did not want to receive. Well, of course, this is why I'm trying to get a job elsewhere, because fuck knows when a decent job will open in this state.

Oh yes, the doctor's office called; the results of the X-ray they took of my leg came back entirely normal. This was expected by all, of course, but they wanted to take it just to make sure. At this point, they want me to look into getting an MRI; however, while I do again have insurance through my parents, I can't possibly afford even any copays right now. They're still waiting on the results of the blood test; he thinks it might turn up something related to my lethargy.

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