baphijmm: (Crazy)
( Jan. 12th, 2011 11:14 pm)
So! Things are beginning to iron out. It's still not exactly perfect or clear at all, but it's very definitely started at least. Staying at a hostel for the first few-- well, I'll get to that, I suppose.

A plane ticket has been secured to get me to San Francisco on Monday; it leaves ABQ at 6:58am, which will be a slight problem, but it is what could be secured. The other problem is also related to the flight ticket - the return is presently scheduled for the following Thursday. The reasoning behind this was the price; there is a bit wrong with that reasoning, but it is a little too late now. About the only thing that will ensure that I can make the audition I'd like to get to on Saturday is if I absolutely get the job from the interview, and additionally find another place to stay. (Still looking, by the way. Could really use that roof over my head. ^^; )

Speaking of places to stay, I've also been looking at apartments in the area should things pan out. I've found a surprising number of options, including a complex literally just a mile down the road from the place I'd be working (maybe; at the very least, just down the road from their headquarters). With the rates I was quoted on many of these, including security deposits and whatnot, I should easily be able to afford to begin living there (the Bay area, I mean) after two weeks of working. This may even (read: probably will depending on hours and wage) include additional plane tickets to fly back to Socorro to pick up a few things, like the cat if I haven't by that point (I should hope I will have, but).

tl;dr: Things are acting as though this might work, but not entirely perfectly just yet.

With everything finally beginning to work itself out, I think I may just begin writing again. At the very least, it would be a good way to pass the time between now and then. I do have a lot of writing projects to work on, certainly.

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