baphijmm: (34)
( Jan. 14th, 2011 07:32 pm)
So, uh, yeah... I kinda need a ride to the airport. ^^;

As I mentioned in my previous post, the time of the flight is 7am; ABQ is pretty good about getting passengers through in a timely manner, but I'd like to get there around 5:30am if at all possible. (6am would be acceptable.) I would, of course, be more than willing to provide caffeine for the drive to and from; additionally, as I will have to return to Socorro regardless of the outcome to collect things, I would be more than willing to, say, help clean up a property, or perhaps bring back something from the natural environment of the Pacific coast (nothing living, obviously), anything as repayment.

If I cannot secure a ride by tomorrow afternoon, I may have no choice but to take the Socorro Shuttle up to Belen that very day and spend two nights in the airport. In doing this I would have to ask to borrow money as well, as I do not have more than what I would need to get around San Fran. Additionally, such action would require a lot more sudden running around, as I do not have everything done I intended to do before I left.

Please feel free to comment on LJ about this (or really anything; I forget how I got that message to auto-post and thus cannot remove it D: ), or, if you would rather, my DreamWidth post. I just really, really need something.

Provided I can get there, I may be able to audition; there might be a possibility to do so while I'll definitely be there.

EDIT: Ride found! :D

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