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( Jan. 15th, 2011 05:21 am)
Just finished watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox again. Every time I watch it, I am truly stunned by the work that was done in it. The cinematography is astounding, and the animation, while not "clean", is every bit as amazing in its quality. There's a bit of questionable acting in maybe two places, but I can somewhat easily chalk that up to the primary actors not being voice actors.

It's only just setting in that I'm actually going to be doing this. This is the first time a plan of mine has worked out almost perfectly in a very long time. True, the original reason for the trip seems to be a lost cause (except it may not be; more hopefully to come), but the fact that I will be going to the Bay area for a job interview at all is a massive deal for me, especially after almost a year and a half of failure at even attempts to such.

My present plans have me arriving on Monday a little before 9am PST, and getting to the hostel roughly around 10am. From there, I have an entire day to explore downtown San Fran, which is exactly what I plan to do. It will be the first time I will have been in a new (to me) major metropolitan area since early 2009, and I greatly look forward to it. Alas, I cannot explore much past that as my funds will only cover exactly what I need mass transit-wise, but that's where Tuesday comes in.

On Tuesday, I have to take the Caltrain down to Mountain View - an hour-long transit, not counting walking to stations - for my interview, then back. Well, the way the Caltrain operates, the price of two one-way tickets is the same as a full-day pass, the latter of which allows unlimited riding between purchase and the end of the day between whatever zones I buy it for. Mountain View requires three zones, and it being a full hour of transit, there is plenty to see in between. My interview is relatively early in the day, which, again, gives me plenty of time for urban exploring. (Especially since it's literally right down the road from such wonderful institutions as the Google main campus.)

I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to do with Wednesday; it's possible I will be asked to audition that day, in which case I will be downtown all day again. If not, I'll probably explore a little more, or I might just stay in the hostel and write. I really don't know.

Finally, Thursday will be a product of whatever transpires the first three days. It's entirely possible, nay likely, that I will be flying back to ABQ, if for no other reason than to pick up Toulouse and some things (bedding, litter box, etc.) to bring with me for a more permanent stay. It is also possible that I will be staying in the area, if someone speaks up between now and then about the potential for crash space; in that case (in addition to being able to audition most definitely), I will be flying back to ABQ at a later date, probably of my own ability, to pick up aforementioned things once I'm more settled, a circumstance that should take no longer than two weeks depending on how I might be paid. There is also the possibility that none of this will pan out and that I will have no choice but to return to Socorro absolutely empty-handed; I really hope that possibility goes away.

I've made it this far; life, don't fail me now!

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