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( Feb. 4th, 2011 05:10 am)
For those of you (all three of you who maybe still read this thing) unaware, New Mexico was hit by the recent massive winter storm that swept the country, leaving Socorro specifically under more than six inches of a light, powdery snow. Tuesday night was quite interesting; the reflective clouds above and reflective snow below left the entire atmosphere looking like the inside of a sodium lamp. It was cold, but not terribly so, the clouds doing a decent job of insulating the area.

Wednesday, it was brought to my attention that I owned a pair of skis; however, I was unable to find the boots, having forgotten where exactly I had placed them. Classes had been canceled at NMT, so most everyone I knew pretty much hung out for the day. It was announced early on that classes would also be canceled Thursday, so there was much rejoicing. Unfortunately, Altamirano apartments, the on-campus apartment housing for students, lost heat early that day as well, one of the first buildings in Socorro to do so. A few pipes here and there in town began to freeze and rupture. That night, it got down to roughly -10F, the cloud-cover completely gone by the time the sun set. We got ice depositing on the inside of our windows, I think probably 5mm at the thickest, because of how cold it was outside. This ice actually persisted throughout Thursday.

With Thursday came the announcement of a State of Emergency throughout New Mexico - because of power failures in Texas and this state's strange fascination with selling its few natural resources, natural gas reserves had been nearly drained. The city of Socorro was urging its citizens to keep their thermostats no higher than 60F and preferably lower, as many more buildings began to lose heat, causing even more ruptured pipes. New Mexico Tech opened Fidel Center, the Student Services Center (what other campuses might call a student union building, were there a student union and if the school were actually using it more towards that end as opposed to brand new office space), for the student body to sleep within, and actually began encouraging students to go home instead of staying on campus. Furthermore, the city announced that they would be providing housing to those who needed it through the night to stay warm. We are one of the lucky residences still with gas; as such, [ profile] rexar went and taped plastic sheeting over our windows to try and conserve as much heat as we can.

I did, however, find my ski boots, and went out cross-country skiing up and down our road. I am, coincidentally, sorely out of shape.

I've applied to several more jobs since my previous entry, all over the country. I kinda get the feeling that not a one will even so much as look at me - this is my typical experience, having not been able to get that little magical piece of paper despite my closeness to the degree and my experience in the workforce - but I'm holding out hope. I imagine right now a lot of these places aren't even looking at their inbox right now due to the winter storm after-effects, so really I'm waiting on them until next week.

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