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([personal profile] baphijmm Feb. 1st, 2011 04:50 am)
The longer I "wait" it seems, the more I do to prepare for what I hope will be a positive response. At this point it would seem that I have everything I'll need lined up almost perfectly, so long as, again, the call or email comes in that tells me I got the position. Furthermore, I've even got the next few months planned out, having worked out how I'm going to get things there, what all I'm going to prioritize once I do get there, etc. I know I'm getting my hopes up quite a bit, but with everything else falling into place so perfectly like this I'm really hoping the final piece will come through just as much as it seemed it might at the time of the interview.

In the meantime, I've been trying to keep myself relaxed with video games; I know that's not terribly responsible, but responsibility unfortunately costs more than I presently have. :P So yeah, I've been playing games for the Wii that I've owned but previously been unable to play because my system has been on the fritz for... shit, I guess it's been over a year now. (And people wonder why I take so long in my writing, when this sort of thing has been sitting for so long...) Anyway, [profile] antonius_glock has one hooked up to the TV now, so I've been playing these games that I've only just gotten the chance to play, saving the data on an SD card so I can transfer it later. Most notably, I've finally been getting around to playing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers. It's a fun game with a relatively predictable story I won't spoil; I'm a little disappointed with some of the direction this one took compared to the first Crystal Chronicles game, honestly. I mean, it's obvious they were trying to make it more like the other Final Fantasy games, which is great and I'm kinda glad they did that; however, other parts of it kinda... well, pissed me off. :P At least they have a decent explanation for everything I suppose, but still...

Oh yes, I also witnessed Metroid: Other M for the first time the other day. Lemme say: Son, I am disappoint. The folks watching as [profile] tonberrygrrl played had agreed to a drinking game, the only rule of which was that whenever Samus said "The Baby", they had to take a drink. It did not end well. Furthermore, the voice acting was atrocious, the writing almost more so (even discounting aforementioned faux-pas); I swear, the writing involved in "Sailor Moon and the Seven Balls" (don't look it up if you don't know it, for your own sake) was almost better than this crap. I just... wow. As much of a die-hard Metroid fan as I am, I was saddened by what I saw. :/
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