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( Jan. 17th, 2011 11:12 am)
So the first official hitch has presented itself. The originally non-stop flight to San Francisco had to divert to Fresno due to excess fog. Honestly, it's pretty foggy here too, but not nearly as bad apparently. I'm not terribly worried, as the train I need to catch runs pretty regularly, but it's a hitch nonetheless.

It smells like food I can't afford here; otherwise, this is a rather nice airport. I really like the views, even with the fog. I'm thinking this was definitely the correct choice, if I can pull it off.
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( Jan. 15th, 2011 05:21 am)
Just finished watching The Fantastic Mr. Fox again. Every time I watch it, I am truly stunned by the work that was done in it. The cinematography is astounding, and the animation, while not "clean", is every bit as amazing in its quality. There's a bit of questionable acting in maybe two places, but I can somewhat easily chalk that up to the primary actors not being voice actors.

It's only just setting in that I'm actually going to be doing this. This is the first time a plan of mine has worked out almost perfectly in a very long time. True, the original reason for the trip seems to be a lost cause (except it may not be; more hopefully to come), but the fact that I will be going to the Bay area for a job interview at all is a massive deal for me, especially after almost a year and a half of failure at even attempts to such.

My present plans have me arriving on Monday a little before 9am PST, and getting to the hostel roughly around 10am. From there, I have an entire day to explore downtown San Fran, which is exactly what I plan to do. It will be the first time I will have been in a new (to me) major metropolitan area since early 2009, and I greatly look forward to it. Alas, I cannot explore much past that as my funds will only cover exactly what I need mass transit-wise, but that's where Tuesday comes in.

On Tuesday, I have to take the Caltrain down to Mountain View - an hour-long transit, not counting walking to stations - for my interview, then back. Well, the way the Caltrain operates, the price of two one-way tickets is the same as a full-day pass, the latter of which allows unlimited riding between purchase and the end of the day between whatever zones I buy it for. Mountain View requires three zones, and it being a full hour of transit, there is plenty to see in between. My interview is relatively early in the day, which, again, gives me plenty of time for urban exploring. (Especially since it's literally right down the road from such wonderful institutions as the Google main campus.)

I'm still not entirely sure what I'm going to do with Wednesday; it's possible I will be asked to audition that day, in which case I will be downtown all day again. If not, I'll probably explore a little more, or I might just stay in the hostel and write. I really don't know.

Finally, Thursday will be a product of whatever transpires the first three days. It's entirely possible, nay likely, that I will be flying back to ABQ, if for no other reason than to pick up Toulouse and some things (bedding, litter box, etc.) to bring with me for a more permanent stay. It is also possible that I will be staying in the area, if someone speaks up between now and then about the potential for crash space; in that case (in addition to being able to audition most definitely), I will be flying back to ABQ at a later date, probably of my own ability, to pick up aforementioned things once I'm more settled, a circumstance that should take no longer than two weeks depending on how I might be paid. There is also the possibility that none of this will pan out and that I will have no choice but to return to Socorro absolutely empty-handed; I really hope that possibility goes away.

I've made it this far; life, don't fail me now!
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( Jan. 14th, 2011 07:32 pm)
So, uh, yeah... I kinda need a ride to the airport. ^^;

As I mentioned in my previous post, the time of the flight is 7am; ABQ is pretty good about getting passengers through in a timely manner, but I'd like to get there around 5:30am if at all possible. (6am would be acceptable.) I would, of course, be more than willing to provide caffeine for the drive to and from; additionally, as I will have to return to Socorro regardless of the outcome to collect things, I would be more than willing to, say, help clean up a property, or perhaps bring back something from the natural environment of the Pacific coast (nothing living, obviously), anything as repayment.

If I cannot secure a ride by tomorrow afternoon, I may have no choice but to take the Socorro Shuttle up to Belen that very day and spend two nights in the airport. In doing this I would have to ask to borrow money as well, as I do not have more than what I would need to get around San Fran. Additionally, such action would require a lot more sudden running around, as I do not have everything done I intended to do before I left.

Please feel free to comment on LJ about this (or really anything; I forget how I got that message to auto-post and thus cannot remove it D: ), or, if you would rather, my DreamWidth post. I just really, really need something.

Provided I can get there, I may be able to audition; there might be a possibility to do so while I'll definitely be there.

EDIT: Ride found! :D
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( Jan. 12th, 2011 11:14 pm)
So! Things are beginning to iron out. It's still not exactly perfect or clear at all, but it's very definitely started at least. Staying at a hostel for the first few-- well, I'll get to that, I suppose.

A plane ticket has been secured to get me to San Francisco on Monday; it leaves ABQ at 6:58am, which will be a slight problem, but it is what could be secured. The other problem is also related to the flight ticket - the return is presently scheduled for the following Thursday. The reasoning behind this was the price; there is a bit wrong with that reasoning, but it is a little too late now. About the only thing that will ensure that I can make the audition I'd like to get to on Saturday is if I absolutely get the job from the interview, and additionally find another place to stay. (Still looking, by the way. Could really use that roof over my head. ^^; )

Speaking of places to stay, I've also been looking at apartments in the area should things pan out. I've found a surprising number of options, including a complex literally just a mile down the road from the place I'd be working (maybe; at the very least, just down the road from their headquarters). With the rates I was quoted on many of these, including security deposits and whatnot, I should easily be able to afford to begin living there (the Bay area, I mean) after two weeks of working. This may even (read: probably will depending on hours and wage) include additional plane tickets to fly back to Socorro to pick up a few things, like the cat if I haven't by that point (I should hope I will have, but).

tl;dr: Things are acting as though this might work, but not entirely perfectly just yet.

With everything finally beginning to work itself out, I think I may just begin writing again. At the very least, it would be a good way to pass the time between now and then. I do have a lot of writing projects to work on, certainly.
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( Jan. 10th, 2011 07:45 pm)
Am I really that worthless? Am I truly so without value and hope as a human being that, even in stating that I will live as an invisible dog, no one can be arsed to help with so much as a patch of ground, that I might possibly fix this otherwise impossible hole my life has sunken into? Because that's seriously how I'm feeling about all this right now.

I've tried to get myself out of this horrible downward spiral for years, and every time something always fucks up my plans. I am so fucking sick of it. Why can nothing just work out? I've pulled fucking miracles out of my ass at this point to try and make this happen, and yet there is still no redemption.

I'm being told to be strong by friends, but I cannot for very much longer. If this plan falls through, I think that will be it.

A new plan is being formulated thanks to, of all people, my dad. I will keep everyone posted; it's definitely not a permanent plan however, and even with it I would still require some housing assistance should one of these things pan out as I suspect they will, but this will at least buy me some time if it works.
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( Jan. 9th, 2011 04:35 pm)
Yesterday wasn't nearly as productive as I'd hoped it might be; my parents "found out" about my plans (by that I mean they went around asking questions about me) and kinda freaked out. My mom felt like I'd been lying to her (when really I'd all but told her exactly what I was doing). It was a rather stressful evening, worrying that they might try to stop my ability to do this. My aunt informed me, however, that she was still trying to help, which calmed me down considerably. When I woke up this afternoon, I had received another message from my mom in response to my response; she, too, had calmed down considerably, as my response was a reasoned explanation of what exactly was going on, and why I felt I should be doing this. She still doesn't agree with it, but I don't think she'll try to block me any more.

That having been said, I'm still looking for crash space. ^^; Does anyone know someone else in the Bay area that might have a few square feet for me to sleep in? For just a few weeks, honest! (I will pay in sexual favors if I must, seriously. >_>; )
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( Jan. 8th, 2011 06:22 am)
This post will be somewhat brief (I hope), because I'm rather tired and would like to get to bed.

I got the assistance I requested, so I'm almost definitely going to California next week. This means that I will be able to catch the tail end of FC. I am still in need of a place to crash, however. At the moment, the family member I am consulting is helping me look; in addition, she is planning on getting me round-trip tickets to get back here by the end of the month just in case nothing works out. Finally, she wants to help me transport Toulouse as well, so he has entered the equation again. Any assistance at all that anyone could possibly provide with regards to even floor space would be greatly appreciated. Keep in mind that I will be willing and able to feed myself, so that should not be a concern.

The doctor's office called today to let me know that my blood test results came back absolutely normal as well. In other words, they really don't know what's wrong just yet. Naturally, I expected this, considering I'm pretty sure I know what it is; however, I did not tell the doctor what I think it is because, in my experience, telling a doctor anything at all like that immediately makes you histrionic and you can't possibly be correct.

So, yeah. Tomorrow is going to be spent dealing with laundry, packing, and trying to perfect my acts for the audition I'm almost certainly going to be attending. :3
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( Jan. 7th, 2011 03:37 am)
I know it's a wall of text, but please read it if you get the chance.

For those of you who missed the edit in my previous entry (and are even still reading this thing ^^; ), I got a very strong response this afternoon from an impromptu phone interview one of the firms I applied at gave me while I was sitting in the airport; the interviewer felt that, given my responses, I would not only be a great fit, but would even be good for a promotion on short order. They want me to come in on the 18th for a more formal interview, to absolutely ascertain whether or not I would fit. Now, this presents a mild difficulty, as plane tickets are going to be getting more and more expensive the longer I wait, especially to get there by that date; however, I could travel by bus, pay a little more than the plane would be if I left at the last minute, and be able to ghost FC while also just generally being in the San Francisco area, primed and ready to go. I have requested the assistance I mentioned a few posts ago from a family member and await her reply / suggestions; however, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the "get there earlier" option.

That having been said, I asked in my previous entry, but I'll ask again - any folks presently residing in San Fran or the general Bay area who wouldn't mind me crashing for as short a time as possible? I doubt I'll be bringing my cat immediately due to the cost of doing so (and I don't know the bus' policy on pets), so as much as I'll miss him he probably won't be an issue if having him otherwise would be. I just really need at least that much help getting rooted there, if at all possible; I'd rather not have to spend those weeks in a parking lot, carrying around my belongings everywhere. Additionally, as I said in my previous post, if there's enough room and/or you need a housemate (and, in that case, would not mind my cat's presence), once I get situated with a job I would be more than willing to start paying rent and just stay for a little while. Keeping in mind that, in addition to this very strong probability, I have two additional plans for employment out there, and would even then be out every day looking for such opportunities, I would hope this is not an unreasonable favor to ask.

Upon getting back to Socorro this evening, I was again reunited with Toulouse; I missed him so much. He's such a good cat, really. :3 I was also met by a large pile of mail, most of which I did not want to receive. Well, of course, this is why I'm trying to get a job elsewhere, because fuck knows when a decent job will open in this state.

Oh yes, the doctor's office called; the results of the X-ray they took of my leg came back entirely normal. This was expected by all, of course, but they wanted to take it just to make sure. At this point, they want me to look into getting an MRI; however, while I do again have insurance through my parents, I can't possibly afford even any copays right now. They're still waiting on the results of the blood test; he thinks it might turn up something related to my lethargy.
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( Jan. 6th, 2011 02:05 pm)
Presently in the Albuquerque Sunport, mooching the internets. I was able to determine with relative ease that a problem I'd been having at home with Gmail was related to the way their internet setup interacted with my laptop, much in the same way that many URLs are nigh inaccessible from the house because that router doesn't like to play nice with Ubuntu-related operating systems.

I followed up with that voice acting job the other day; they just responded. I got positive feedback, meaning I'm now a freelance voice actor. Now, I could use this as a job and tell my parents that I have one; however, it's entirely likely they won't have enough work for me to be able to sustain myself.

That having been said, I am presently in correspondence with a company in the San Francisco area, wondering when I would be available to work. This naturally means, the sooner, the better. They initially wanted to interview me tomorrow, which I told them I wouldn't be able to make; the fact that they're still expressing interest in me is incredibly promising. Here's hoping all the pieces fall into place. (And that having been said, is there anyone in the Bay area who wouldn't mind letting me crash, preferably with my cat? You know as soon as I get situated I'm going to find my own place, or perhaps just pay rent if there's enough room...)

I'm getting quite hungry, but it's such a pain in the ass to drag all my shit around this place; besides, the only decent places with food for "decent" prices are past the security checkpoint. And yet, as shitty as that makes this airport sound, it's leaps and bounds ahead of the freaking Atlanta airport; they don't even have free wifi!

I think I'm going to either play some Golden Sun or try to write something moderately useful. Probably the latter, since I've got my laptop out right now.

I know there have been a number of memes for the new year; all I can say about them is, last year was probably the worst of my life, and I really hope this new year actually fucking lets me work.

EDIT: AAAAAA! She called me while I was sitting here in the airport and gave me an impromptu phone interview; not only do they think I'd be a good match, but they think I might be promoted quickly based on my experience. She still wants to give me a formal interview, however; it is presently scheduled for the 18th. BRB, moving heaven and earth~
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( Jan. 5th, 2011 12:41 am)
I'm back to being cripplingly depressed again, but after a little time alone, I think I have a decent plan. It probably won't work immediately, so I will probably still need assistance; however, that assistance will be returned much more quickly if I need to request that assistance in the first place.

In addition to the audition I mentioned in my previous entry, I have learned that there will be a career fair in the very same area the very same weekend. This is kind of a big development. Additionally, this is the weekend after Further Confusion; while I would love to make it in time to at least ghost, I doubt that will actually happen. ^^; But, yeah, more possibilities are opening, more reasons for me to do this are coming up.

Now, the big thing is, I've provided my parents with an ultimatum, mostly to ease their minds - if I cannot find a job (like, a solid committed "you're hired") within a month, I am moving back to Cincinnati with them. It pained me to do it, but really it does make sense; I'm going to have to return to Cincinnati on short order anyway because of this whole health care fiasco, because I'm back on their insurance but only until March 21. Anyway, this really puts a crunch on my time; I really don't want to have to come back here. Being here for three weeks showed me a lot. Additionally, I really don't want to be a drain on them; I most certainly would be were this to come to fruition.
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( Jan. 3rd, 2011 10:01 pm)
So I'll be honest: pretty suicidal last night. (For the record, I'm not anymore, but you'll see why shortly.) I was so worried about the future I couldn't sleep very well; however, when I was asleep, my dreams were quite vivid. I dreamt I'd gotten that part whose invitation to audition I mentioned in the previous post, and that I was living happily as a result. When my dad woke me up and informed me I had a dental appointment he'd made that morning, I made a mental note to look up the show; something told me I should.

I was informed at the dentist's office that I'd need a bit of work, which would have required me to stay here for at least another week had the dentist not been able to fit me in for an appointment tomorrow morning and my mother offered to exchange her appointment on Wednesday with me. I think we can get it all done in that amount of time. I really hope so, anyway. I don't want to have to stay here any longer than I have to.

That having been said, when I came home I looked up the show. For those of you who might recognize the name, it's "Beach Blanket Babylon." For those who do not, it is the longest-running musical-revue show in America. This is a HUGE opportunity. For this reason, I am strongly contemplating just going and giving it a shot, stability be damned. I know that's not the wise decision, and certainly I'll be looking for a job in the meantime (the audition isn't for a few weeks); however, I definitely want to do this.

Now, here's the set-back: Cheapest flight I can find right now (after an admittedly short search) is $100 each way. This covers luggage, which does make it pretty cheap considering modern airline business practices, but that is still far more than I am capable of producing on my own. Additionally, I do not wish to inform my parents of this until I have to, meaning I cannot request the assistance from my father (barring, of course, that I do in fact get a job). I would also require assistance in the form of a place to crash for what would probably amount to no more than two weeks, hopefully no more than a week (and, of course, this depends on whether or not I get the part / another job).

Anyway, I suppose this is a request for help. I'm going to ask one other family member personally, but any assistance towards this end would be greatly appreciated. I'd definitely pay it back, and if there's a good outcome it'd be even sooner.

On another note, I've got a doctor's appointment tomorrow regarding my leg. Here's hoping we can get that somewhat straightened out, too.
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( Jan. 2nd, 2011 11:25 pm)
Things have been getting better since my last post. The very next day, they actually let me sleep in until I was rested. The next day was similar. I managed to calm down a lot and got a few more applications out. I haven't really had a chance to write yet, but that will come, I'm sure.

New Year's was pretty fun. Stayed up watching X and playing Donkey Kong Country Returns with Cameron, my little brother. For some reason, most of my family decided to go to bed before midnight. Oh yes, we watched Alice in Wonderland that night as well, the one directed by Tim Burton. I was surprised, I'll admit; I expected it to blow goats, but it wasn't bad. Wasn't stellar, but wasn't bad.

My sister Kimber is in Costa Rica for two weeks, something for school I think. She left a few days ago. I don't remember if I mentioned that here.

Plans yesterday included running a few errands, followed by a movie; however, we ended up getting through everything too late to catch a matinee. As such, we ended up going this afternoon. The discussion involved Tron, Narnia, and Harry Potter; however, we decided on Black Swan. Initially, I was quite happy with this decision; I didn't much want to see the others, and this one involved ballet, a medium of storytelling I've always adored. After seeing it however, I wonder if my time might not have been spent better elsewhere.

The acting, for the most part, was pretty good. Natalie Portman was clearly not in her element for most of it, but she really pulled it out for the second half; I was absolutely blown away. Mila Kunis' acting was also stellar. Winona Ryder, for the moments she was on-screen, was pretty good, too. The guy who played the company head was complete crap. His presence alone manages to destroy a lot of the movie; however, it could have been worked with if a number of other things weren't wrong with it.

The script wasn't too bad; the overall plot was actually pretty good, even. In spite of this, there were many moments that felt... incredibly forced. Most of the sex scenes were like this. I mean, it could have had sex scenes with little problem, but... I mean, these were just poorly-written.

Finally, the one thing that I couldn't keep my mind off of the entire movie - the direction. I'm not sure I've seen a worse-directed film except maybe Gas-s-s-s-s! Now, to be fair, I don't go out and see a lot of indie movies, but wow. About the only good thing I have to say about it is that they actually managed to frame the shots fairly well. Their equipment was obviously sub-par, and yet in spite of this they spent good money on a decent computer for some of the graphics. Much of what made the movie actually enjoyable could have been done much better, and a lot of the symbolism was shoved down your throat. I mean, yeah, it was obvious the company head was representative of Rothbart from the ballet; he didn't need to transform into him for a second while fucking Lily. Nina's growing paranoia and absorption by her obsession were okay, but, again, they could have been portrayed so much better.

Overall, I might recommend it to some people just to see their reactions; however, I don't think I would ever spend money on it.

So exactly one opportunity has responded so far; however, it's far from set in stone - I've been invited to audition for an understudy role at a cabaret theater. This by itself would be no problem, except it's in the North San Francisco Bay area. As much as I would love to drop everything for this opportunity, I can't without something else to hold me up. I cant afford to fly out there for something like that only.

That having been said, more and more opportunities have been presenting themselves. I've been applying to them as I can; however, the excuse of "I'm visiting family for the holidays" for my address location on my resume is only valid, much less believeable, for really three more days. Additionally, I'm worried my father, who could easily make this happen, will refuse to help at all; as much as I have assurance otherwise from most everyone I speak with on the subject, he is quite certain that, even with a full-time job, I will be unable to pay for rent, utilities, and my debts. (Naturally, my response is, "If that were true, how the hell are there still so many people in California, and why the hell am I doing so poorly in New Mexico?", but he won't have any of that. But then, basic economics seems to go right out the window with most people I speak to about just about anything to do with money, so...) I think I can still pull it through if I call in a few favors, but, I mean, I'd have to do that anyway.

Anyway, I guess I just have to keep my fingers crossed. There is absolutely dick for me in New Mexico anymore; that much is blatantly obvious to me now. I've heard nothing from anyone I'd contacted prior to leaving, and it's been almost three weeks. Yes, I will be returning there for at least a day, and no, I do not wish to return to Cincinnati; however, at this point, I really don't want to have to stay in either longer than I really need to.

I just wish I could make decent money writing, sewing, or otherwise creating the way I love to. No one seems terribly interested in anything I do anymore, though. :/
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( Dec. 29th, 2010 02:17 am)
Went to the Cincinnati Art Museum today. I've seen most of it already, but there was some new stuff that was quite neat. The wandering exhibit was a collection of wedding gowns; it gave me a good couple of ideas regarding clothing construction. The entire trip gave me a lot of inspiration for a lot of writing projects, including Fall.

I am presently exhausted. I think my mother truly believes that I can last on as much sleep as everyone else; she's been having my brother wake me up at the same time every day. It's driving me mad. Of course, naturally they then want to do stuff with me all day, which leaves precious little time for doing what actually needs to get done throughout the day and still get to bed at what my body thinks is a reasonable hour. It's just impossible.

On that front, my dad is getting a little more insistent with the whole trying to get me to stay here. I mean, I know where he's coming from, but he also already knows my current plan. I think mom might be putting him up to this. Additionally, he has a lot of incorrect hypotheses based on somewhat-correct facts. Anyway, I'm just hoping things work out the way they need to.

A few more possibilities are opening up. Still crossing my fingers for everything, because god knows everything always fucking falls through with me.
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( Dec. 26th, 2010 02:27 am)
Last night's dream involved me singing with Dragonforce; it was quite surreal. Most of the dream was us trying to get to the stage. I don't really remember it all that well right now, but it was a lot of fun during.

Christmas was pretty fun. I managed to get the money I'll need to get back to Socorro from the airport plus a little for food at the layover. Also some pretty sweet stuff. My parents surprised the hell out of me multiple times. The biggest surprise I think was that they bought themselves a Wii, which means I can totally play some of the games I got while I'm here before I have to return to the Land of the Busted Wii Drive. I really need to fix that.

I'd forgotten how much I love The Venture Brothers. Season four is amazing. It's been a long time since I felt the inspiration to science.

So yeah, I do kinda have something of a plan in the works right now; if everything pans out, you'll know immediately. I'm just hoping there's enough Christmas Miracle(tm) left in two weeks to pull it off. (I might need to ask for a few favors. Nothing too major. I'd totally repay them however I could when it comes to it.)

Augh, the multiple frustrations that are piling up as a result of waiting around this place are killing me. Seriously, I think my blood pressure is going whacko, which isn't good for the aorta. :/
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( Dec. 21st, 2010 12:22 am)
Not much has been going on lately. Kimber (sister) took Char'cole to the vet to get spayed this morning; the cat is back and pretty much completely recovered, though she's still a little loopy from the drugs. There was a chance to go to a mall earlier, but that chance fell through (not by my action or inaction).

Still looking for employment even while I'm here; still waiting on approval from all of them, but even so I'm still finding opportunities. I figure while I'm here I can even search for jobs elsewhere, perhaps changing my flight itinerary to fit a potential. I am still crossing my fingers.
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( Dec. 18th, 2010 01:31 am)
Current plan for today (Saturday) is Eden Park, specifically Krohn Conservatory. I know not much else about plans. Should be fun though.
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( Dec. 17th, 2010 01:56 am)
So I'm back in Cincinnati, have been for the past few days. If you're interested in meeting up (I'd gotten a few mentions), let me know here please. I can't access my twitter account from here (Safari 1 doesn't support it), so it kinda has to be here. :P

I will be returning to Socorro (probably) January 6, in case I forgot to mention that.

I've been introduced to the newest member of the family; my sister has named her Char'cole (pronounced shah-KOH), because she's black. She is, of course, a cat. Speaking of cats, Conan, my parents' first cat, is missing his right eye as a result of a rather nasty infection. He doesn't have an eyepatch, so his lids just sink in there. He looks kinda cute.

I still don't have any money. ^^;
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( Dec. 14th, 2010 09:43 am)
Writing an entry because I'm about to pass out here in the terminal; while I could probably get away with it, I don't want to risk it. Also my laptop is out and on, which would be awkward to explain to the authorities.

Last night a bunch of the folks who hang out decided they wanted to watch some Leslie Nielson movies (RIP); we ended up watching Spy Hard, which I had not seen before, and Airplane!, which I had seen before multiple times. Knowing that I needed to be awake and at the Fidel shuttle pick-up point by 5:30am, I resolved to just stay awake. (I am learning that this was something of a bad idea.) Anyway, I greatly enjoyed myself, and was amused by all the puns and seeing Andy Griffith play a villain.

After this, I began getting everything together; well, I should say I began doing this earlier in the day, but the big important things like packing toiletries and taking care of the cat one last time remained to be done. About 4am, I was having difficulty keeping my eyes open, so I set my alarm for an hour later and tried to sleep. This unfortunately meant that I could not finish everything, but it was pretty close.

I rushed out the door at about 5:20, not having made the realization that dragging a ~35lb. bag and ~15lb. carry-on might slow me down, especially considering my leg. Somehow miraculously I made it to the pick-up point a few minutes early, admittedly exhausted and in immense pain. However, as the bus began to approach fifteen minutes late, I worried that I might have missed it in spite of my luck. Shortly thereafter it rolled over the hill; the driver informed me that his car had broken down on the way to pick the shuttle up, hence his lateness. We made it to the Rail Runner stop on time, and everything thereafter went off without a hitch. Security needed to do a swab of my cane (because apparently I might be trafficking narcotics with it or some crap), but otherwise they didn't do much of anything different. I was surprised to see the millimeter scanners set up already (ABQ is such a small airport), but they were actually closed.

Toulouse is probably already wondering when I'll get back. This is the longest I'll have been away from him since I got him, so I hope he doesn't go crazy or something. He's very clingy.

The itinerary for today involves a layover in Salt Lake City of about an hour and a half; I'll probably eat there and try to get online again. For being a major Delta hub, they sure aren't set up for travelers with laptops. After that, my flight to Cincinnati will land me there around 7:30pm EST, meaning I will have been between points of travel for a total of about twelve hours. This is only half of my current record relating to flight, when I returned to Cincinnati in 2003 for the winter break; indeed, as I recall it I was traveling for a total of about twenty-four hours that time. This was largely because of bus schedule conflicts (this was back when Greyhound serviced Socorro) and three flight layovers. My overall record for travel time was in 2006 when I was returning to Cincinnati after having been placed on suspension; combining train delays, re-routed bus schedules and layovers, this bout of travel was a grand total of something like 44 hours. If one were to include time as a result of Amtrak pushing my ticket back for reasons I no longer recall, the trip was on the order of five days; however, that would be cheating, no matter where I stayed in the interim.

Part of me kind of wishes I'd taken my parents up on their offer to let me just stay with them this trip; I mean, yeah, I'm still looking at three prospects here, one of which has almost entirely panned out positively, but at least there I would be able to get a job immediately, perhaps with prospects to move away again within a few months. I always did have to take the more difficult route when it came to my parents. To be fair, I do have my reasons, their generosity without resources not withstanding.

I think I might shut off for now and play a little DS; as much as this has helped, I can only write so much before I begin to ramble.
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( Dec. 8th, 2010 12:26 am)
I guess I should update this thing. A lot has happened. Most of it good, some of it very bad; the latter happened mostly today. I'd forgotten how much I enjoy alcohol.

Wednesday, I was called by one of the prospective jobs for an interview; they liked what I had to say, and we scheduled to meet up on Friday in Albuquerque (Rio Rancho, actually) to get an idea of what I was capable of - the job is voice acting, so the meeting was for a mic test. All in all, the day was pretty good; I spent it wandering around a massive sprawl of strip malls waiting for the meeting time. They loved me; had it been up to them, I'd've been hired on the spot (The audio engineer, upon completion of the first test, responded with "You've done this before, haven't you?"), but they had to send the recordings to their clients in Korea (they're a group that makes study materials for TOEFL and such). I'll probably hear back from them shortly.

I have a flight back to Cincinnati for the holidays. I'll be leaving the 14th and returning January 6th. My parents recently got some ultra-fast internet thing; I really don't remember any of the details, but sufficed to say I'll be able to get online reliably while there, unlike in previous years when I'd have to contort myself in funny shapes on one chair in the living room to pick up a signal from down the road.

I'm not going to mention the bad here, because it really pisses me off and kinda worries me.
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( Nov. 28th, 2010 09:48 pm)
An offer was brought up on Friday, and I think I'm going to take it.

I found a pair of mounting bolts for the beetle's engine; they will be on the way here shortly. Of course, it will do nothing without a new crankshaft, but it's a start. I've also discovered a number of other things I'd like to get together for that vehicle, so, yeah. Of course, money is the first thing.

Speaking of which, I am now waiting on three job prospects. This is a very good thing, as all three of them seem pretty solid deals (and are all such that I could actually accept all three with no problem) - this is largely because two of them aren't based out of Socorro. Crossing my fingers on all of them.


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