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( Jan. 20th, 2006 11:29 am)
I had known the deadline was swiftly approaching for the NRAO Summer Internship application, but I had not realized just how swiftly until this morning. I happened to glance at the alarm clock, sitting in all its digital, auto-setting glory on my desk, as it read "9:32 AM, 1-20." The deadline, I suddenly realized, was the 23rd, only three days away. I still wasn't sure what all else was needed for the application to even go through. Upon checking the internship's site, I discovered that, in addition to the three letters of recommendation I had not yet asked for from any of my professors, I also needed an official school transcript. Well shit, I thought; they're not going to like my current GPA at all... True enough, the IN still stood in the place of the PHYS 232 grade for the previous semester, having not yet been rectified by school or system. I wasn't even entirely certain how one was to go about getting a transcript sent, so I checked the webpage of the school registrar. It gave instructions basically to go to the office and give them a form along with $6 - or $9 if it needed to be rushed, as was my case - and they would take care of the rest. My mind was at ease until I read the first line on the page - a line I had skipped in a hurry to find out exactly what needed to be done.

"In order for your transcript to be released, you must have a zero or credit balance at New Mexico Tech."

"SonuvaBITCH!" I exclaimed, not sure of what to do. I had already sent out three emails to various professors, requesting a letter of recommendation and apologizing profusely for such incredibly short notice, and now this line was staring me in the face.

The semester previous, I had been on financial aid conditional probation - a condition set by the financial aid office as a result of poor performance at the school in the past, regardless of reason. This state, as the title would suggest, was to stay in effect under two conditions: I complete 100% of all credit hours, and I retain a GPA of 2.25.

Had my physics grade been compiled and in the school's system by now, that wouldn't have been a problem, and I could get an actually semi-decent transcript. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. I owed the school upwards of $4000 this semester, I knew, without that aid. I was in a tight spot. Well, there's the chance that, since I haven't validated yet due to all this, they may not have transferred that charge to my account yet, I considered optimistically. I decided to brave it out and head down to the registrar's office, fill out the form, pay for it at the business office, then give everything to the registrar to handle the rest.

Sure enough, they had transferred the charge to my account.

"SonuvaBITCH!" I exclaimed yet again, much to the shock of the cashier. I apologized swiftly for my lack of composure, then explained to her my situation.

"To handle something like that, you need to go talk to Student Accounts," she replied, flustered and confused at the situation before her. I complied and walked down the hall to Student Accounts, where I explained everything over again to the lady in charge there.

"Oh geez, I'm not sure what to do..." she pulled up my records to confirm what I had told her, then we both trekked across the hall to the school's finance office. I explained the situation a third time, then was subjected to a series of understandable questions, such as "Is this internship guaranteed to you if you apply?" and "Will you definitely be getting back your financial aid? When?" I answered each to the best of my ability, which at the time wasn't too terribly well. It still convinced her, however, as she signed the transcript request form herself. I paid the business office, went back upstairs to the registrar's, and handed them the form. Exhausted from the whole ordeal, I returned to my room, whereupon I slumped into my chair and began recording what had just happened.

There was one lesson I learned most in all of this: the results of an assault last a lifetime.


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