baphijmm: (All ur base)
( Nov. 13th, 2010 02:14 am)
In a decent amount of pain right now, quite suddenly; I'm not sure if it will persist through tomorrow's plans, but I hope it does not. At present, I am waiting for acetaminophen to begin working while eating a bowl of soup, so I figured I'd update this thing.

I've almost finished the first actual scene for Fall (not counting the prologue, of course). I'm quite proud of some of the choices I've made here; I do wish to elaborate, but many are related to spoilers. Hence, a cut. )

Welp, the pain killers seem to have taken effect, so I'm going to head off. Mostly I really wanted to share the above stuff, though.

Oh yeah! I'd forgotten one more thing. At some point, a character in this book utters a sort of expletive swear of astonishment at how badly a specific event comes out. I want to use something like "Christ all Friday", except that phrase itself would make even less sense in their universe, as Christ has absolutely no context for them. Additional difficulty is, he's a member of the group who would most closely be considered "gods" to the people, so he can't really refer to any sort of deity in this manner either. Any thoughts from the peanut gallery?


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