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( Oct. 7th, 2005 10:41 pm)
Well, that was interesting.

Got to work and Josh tells me "We don't need you tonight; we've already got three cooks back here." So I leave and head for Casa Imbri, for movies, merriment, and a rumored film crew making a documentary on sexuality, focusing on bisexuality. Stood around watching others make merry with alcohol and WoW, talking every once in a while.

I wallflower very well. :/

Anyway, film crew showed up around 8-ish (I really wasn't paying much attention); much conversation ensued amongst everyone else, while I continued to wallflower. There were several times I had to leave the room due to the extreme scent of alcohol ([ profile] ravendisplayed made some seriously strong Jungle Juice). There were a few conversations I was interested in, but I didn't want to just jump in, so I hung to the outside for quite some time.

Because I had expressed my interest in talking for the camera, the film crew did eventually approach me with how and where they were going to do this; I would have been fine with individual interviews, but they decided on a group-type deal, which was fine too.

I do wish I had spoken up more, but I feel it may have been detrimental to the documentary; I just generally like to talk about how unusual I am, but that would have completely derailed their purpose. That, and I'm also not comfortable with discussing myself with strangers.

There were a few times when others expected me to speak on furry fandom, it would seem, or thought I was referencing it. I was not intending to do so except towards the very end.

By the end, I was completely socially burned-out, so I left before they started Tron. Even now, I'm so burned-out it's hard to concentrate on this.

I really, REALLY wanted to discuss my personal oddities. Again, it wasn't the place. Dear god, I'm such a frigging closet histrionic. :/ Now I really want to discuss it.

EDIT: And to demonstrate just how uncomfortable a situation it is for me to discuss things like this - a room frequenter just flat-out asked me if I was furry, and I denied it.
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( Oct. 5th, 2005 01:53 am)
Began seamwork on the new coat project this evening. I'm very happy with it so far (even if it is only lining at this point). It's going to be strictly costume, as the cloth has absolutely no insulative properties whatsoever. It still looks badass. And it flows like water, I tellz ya. I can't wait until it's finished; I hope to be done in time for Halloween, and maybe even RHPS. Though, the lining could stand to be ironed; it's a kind of satin cloth, and has been sitting all wrinkled-up in a Rubbermaid tub, so it's got all sorts of creases.

I frightened someone on IRC with my views on sex [using Tantra as the prime example; basically, have sex promiscuously so you'll see that it's meaningless overall (just my fairly skewed way of seeing things, though the view is also based in religion)].

Dr. Kieft e-mailed me back, informing me that they have already hired another student. She also informs me that Dr. Colgate will inform me if there is still another opening. I'm going to cross my fingers. And yes, I know my previous inactivity allowed someone else to get there before I did.
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( Sep. 26th, 2005 06:25 pm)
I said I'd do this, so here it is. This is mostly for my own benefit so I don't forget it, but I don't care if you read it (be warned, though). Now let's see if I can actually put down in words...

Cut for those who wish to be spared )

In other news, I did better on my calc test than my roommate, and he went to class and did all the homework. What does THAT tell you? :P I actually did really well, too.


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