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( Feb. 18th, 2006 03:06 pm)
Bike repaired and in sufficient riding condition. That took me a good long while, after all the crap that's happened to it *while it sat in that bike rack for a good year and a half*. Fucking kids, I swear; cut my brakes, fucked with my handlebar... But it's ridable again. Unfortunately, upon the first test ride, I cramped my right groin. :/

Loaned cell phone is working. No, y'all aren't getting the number just yet: not until I can confirm whether Stirling's going to at least be paying for minutes on this one. Until then, I only want one call to be recorded - the one I made to my own home phone to make sure it was even activated.

My dad keeps being booted from his IM service whenever I try to IM him, so I sent him an email about the check and the cell phone (I actually did this last night, but didn't want to be the only thing everyone's friends pages saw). He won't get to check that until Monday, so I got a weekend until he even sees it, and a good week before I get the check anyway, even if he *does* send it as soon as he gets the message.

I guess I'll have to ask my roommates if they'll let me practice driving in their cars. I'm not *that* bad; back in Cincinnati when I was visiting my grandparents for Christmas, they ran out of ice, so my dad let me drive down to the gas station to buy some, whereupon I passed a state trooper who didn't even give me a second look (and this was in Ohio, where the cops actually care and are kind of assholes about their job). ^^; So, I mean, I don't suck; I've just never had a reason to go get it without a car, and even if I owned a car, I couldn't afford the insurance to drive it. (I love the 21st century.)

Now, for those of you who saw the entry last night and read it: Cut for everyone else. )


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