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( Feb. 25th, 2006 12:21 am)
So, this evening was highly productive. In fact, the whole day was, but this evening especially. (I would like to apologize in retrospect to [ profile] wolf359nmt for not being at the party to wish you a happy birthday; I got caught up in the excitement of creation.) Speaking of which, happy birthday [ profile] ridingstar! I should (hopefully, if I can drag myself away from working on things) be able to make your party tomorrow.

Anyway, I spent a good five hours this evening working on the dynamo website. As the only person on the project with HTML experience as extensive as mine is, the "position" of webmaster was bestowed to me.

As I finished up what I told myself I'd do tonight, I attempted to upload it all to the FTP, only to find out I couldn't connect to it with the information I wrote down. >_< Ah well, it was fun and I got paid for five hours of work for it! (And with good reason; I spent the entire five hours working on this.) I am quite glad for this position, as it actually offers me the ability to work after 5 PM and on weekends without having to have someone else there to help.

For those of you who are curious:

This is the current site. (The date for "Last Updated" is correct, as I did get the chance to work on it this morning at the lab.)
This is the site as I have seen it fit. Not all the articles have been redone (I was planning on doing that over the weekend and the next week), nor are all the media there as it is my personal webspace on the school server, but what's important is there.

I'm quite proud of it, personally; it's my first site whose layout is entirely from scratch. I made the graphics completely by hand, fixed little bugs in the site's programming itself (such as the title of the page), and rearranged the old layout a bit to organize it better. This is by far the most extensive HTML project I've worked on, and I gotta say, it feels great.
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( Feb. 22nd, 2006 02:01 pm)
I'm starting to worry about this job. I feel kind of bad, since Stirling only seems to be able to point out my flaws and reasons I shouldn't be on the project (or even in New Mexico, for that matter). I mean, I'm sure he's trying to help (actually, there's a really neat story to go along with that about how the nut on a propane tank appliance is like a neutrino), but it's really disheartening, especially when I know he's right. I don't know what I need to know. In fact, the only time I felt useful while he was there was doing janitorial work, like sweeping up the site or laying down oil-absorbant when the piping ruptured. I don't want to be a janitor for the rest of my life, nor do I want to be a grunt, but it seems like those are the only jobs I'm even suited enough to go into. :/

No short fiction returned today. No assignments given in regards to the creative non-fiction. Today's been just really depressing, all in all.

And, because it's just such a cool idea (Stolen from its originator, [ profile] kanlyven):

Reply to this with any songs that remind you of me, no matter when, not matter what, then post this in your journal and find out what songs you remind others of. If your lucky you'll end up with a soundtrack long enough to listen to for hours, just to remind you of all your friends.
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( Feb. 18th, 2006 03:06 pm)
Bike repaired and in sufficient riding condition. That took me a good long while, after all the crap that's happened to it *while it sat in that bike rack for a good year and a half*. Fucking kids, I swear; cut my brakes, fucked with my handlebar... But it's ridable again. Unfortunately, upon the first test ride, I cramped my right groin. :/

Loaned cell phone is working. No, y'all aren't getting the number just yet: not until I can confirm whether Stirling's going to at least be paying for minutes on this one. Until then, I only want one call to be recorded - the one I made to my own home phone to make sure it was even activated.

My dad keeps being booted from his IM service whenever I try to IM him, so I sent him an email about the check and the cell phone (I actually did this last night, but didn't want to be the only thing everyone's friends pages saw). He won't get to check that until Monday, so I got a weekend until he even sees it, and a good week before I get the check anyway, even if he *does* send it as soon as he gets the message.

I guess I'll have to ask my roommates if they'll let me practice driving in their cars. I'm not *that* bad; back in Cincinnati when I was visiting my grandparents for Christmas, they ran out of ice, so my dad let me drive down to the gas station to buy some, whereupon I passed a state trooper who didn't even give me a second look (and this was in Ohio, where the cops actually care and are kind of assholes about their job). ^^; So, I mean, I don't suck; I've just never had a reason to go get it without a car, and even if I owned a car, I couldn't afford the insurance to drive it. (I love the 21st century.)

Now, for those of you who saw the entry last night and read it: Cut for everyone else. )
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( Oct. 18th, 2005 01:32 pm)
I swear, this town has to have some sort of furry magnet or something. (btw, thanks to all the folks on #blamclub last night who led me to that site; why did I shut up, you wonder? :P ) Though, that site only has two others listed in Socorro, and I already know those two; I've just run into so many others out there who have had at least some experience here, from a year of school to being born and raised here. Seriously, it's uncanny just how many furries are out there who have passed through Socorro. I'd list a few, but I'm sure that would upset them, so I'll just leave it at that.

I should be studying, I know. I've got work at 5, so I really don't have much time to do so beforehand; I get off at 10 though, so that should help make up for lost time.

Speaking of work, today should be my first payday, I think. won't be much, but it'll be money.


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