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([personal profile] baphijmm Feb. 5th, 2011 04:43 am)
Yes, I'm making a conscientious effort to post more. Does it show?

Recently I was officially introduced to Cave Story by [ profile] antonius_glock; I'd heard of it before and seen some of its related content, but had never really taken too much interest in it. Overall, it seems like a pretty fun game. It's definitely got me thinking creatively again, which is a good thing if I want to keep writing.

I have been granted the immense boon of a phone interview. The position is contractual I believe, PC repair within Albuquerque. It will be taking place Monday some time, so I really need to get my sleep schedule back in order shortly.

In other job search-related news, I've bitten the bullet and applied to a number of other locations, including, as I am most happy with, Apple. These are all jobs I genuinely believe I can do well, definitely getting a boost in confidence from that interview back in Mountain View; I'm just not sure they're going to look past the bit in the application that says I'm in New Mexico, even though I do state in my cover letters that I am "in the process of relocating" (not technically a lie, as I am actually packing things up to relocate and do actually have a complete plan for relocation to the South Bay area).

I meant to have had this thing printed out that needed to go out via FedEx ground by now, but entirely forgot. Now, everyone I know is going up to ABQ this weekend, and I'll need to figure out something else to do with it. I might be able to send it via post, maybe. Actually, yeah, probably. I'm just not sure how fast that will be, as it really should have been at its destination last week had I been on the ball and not pre-occupied with this job search. ^^;
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