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([personal profile] baphijmm Feb. 8th, 2011 02:03 am)
So, yeah, phone interview. It almost didn't happen because the house phone didn't ring and the line to the answering machine (and, to my knowledge, the louder phone) had been unplugged for some reason. Thankfully, the individual from HR had the sense to email me before she left the office, whereupon I informed her of my cell phone number. Overall, I think it went quite well; at the very least, they sent me the next thing I need to do.

Thing is, I'll need a security clearance, which means they have to determine if I'd be eligible for one before they'll do any sort of actual, serious interview. This poses something of a problem, because my dad is going to be here next Thursday, the 17th, (probably) to pick me up and take me back to Cincinnati (definitely). In other words, this kinda has to be done ASAP. I have no doubt about my eligibility for a security clearance, but I do have my doubts as to whether or not I will even be here in time for the more serious interviews.

No word yet from anyone else. To be sure, they all most assuredly have HR departments, which will make sorting through applications take that much longer, but I kinda applied to some of those positions a week ago. I do understand the desire to distance oneself from... distant applicants, but seriously, at least give them a rejection email or something. Hell, even the government extends at least that much courtesy. :/ (Additionally, I know for a fact that they're still looking to fill the position, which begs the question: If you'd've interviewed me and hired me, someone who is definitely qualified for the position, back when I'd applied, I could have been working by now and even been there under my own freaking power; in that light, why the hell are you refusing to even look? O_o )

That having been said, I hear LANL is looking for a new lab director. I wonder... :3c
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