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([personal profile] baphijmm Feb. 9th, 2011 05:40 am)
Woke up thanks to my cat, couldn't get back to sleep, so I felt pretty bleh all day. Not much I can say about that. I was going to go to the store in the evening to replenish foodstuffs, but there was a rather fierce windstorm that made me think twice about such things. I intend to do this today, whoop-dee-do. :P

Discovered something that made me feel a little better about the job applications I was bitching about in the previous entry. See, I'd applied to a few jobs at Procter and Gamble, actually listing my parents' address as my own (as it would be my own were I to return), several days before the applications in-question as something of a preemptive preparation for my return; I discovered their site actually allows applicants to see the status of their applications. Upon realizing that they hadn't gotten around to reading anything of mine, I also realized that a lot of these kinds of jobs, when I'd applied to them before, would take a while for anyone to get back with me regardless of their thoughts. They always wait a little while, often even advertising multiple times that they're trying to fill a position in the meantime, to get as many qualified applicants as they possibly can before they try to sort through them. So, yeah, it's entirely possible and even likely that they just haven't even read my applications yet. I'm getting spoiled by Craigslist. :P

Speaking of the job search, I found a few more this morning (as in, within the past few hours) for which I'd be a good match, and one that would even probably look at non-local applicants seriously. This one in particular I would absolutely *love* to get; it's not "cushy" at ALL, rather it would expect me to work my ass clean off, and furthermore it would be doing something I have experience with and absolutely love doing - R&D lab management. As usual, crossing fingers.
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