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( Oct. 23rd, 2005 02:27 pm)
I had to post this, because it was just too funny.

Woke up this morning at 11:30, started laundry around 12:20. Went down there and every machine was full; however, there was someone there waiting for one of his loads to finish in six minutes, so I waited, because, as I mentioned earlier, I just can't bring myself to touch someone else's laundry. Before his finished though, someone else came down and switched out her loads, allowing me a machine slightly sooner (a good thing, too, as there was someone else who arrived after me waiting for an available machine as well).

The guy who was waiting on his laundry? He had been sitting there the whole time guarding it, as well as the girl's who came down shortly after I did. He felt the same way, as did the other guy waiting "in line", as it were.

When I just went down there to get my stuff out of the dryer, there were several people, all waiting their turn.

See? Perhaps I'm not crazy on that front. Or at least, not the only crazy person in this building. :P

(I know and understand, it's still socially acceptable to move folks' laundry, but I still found this highly amusing in light of two weeks ago. :P )


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