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( Feb. 14th, 2011 09:24 am)
Day 1 - Pride. Seven great things about yourself.
Day 2 - Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.
Day 3 - Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.
Day 4 - Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.
Day 5 - Greed. Seven worldly material desires.
Day 6 - Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.
Day 7 - Lust. Seven love secrets.

1. Homework.

2. Housework.

3. Paperwork.

4. Basic health concerns.

5. Practice.

6. Finish projects.

7. Eat.
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( Feb. 14th, 2011 11:01 pm)
Today was kinda interesting. Just my luck, my hypersomnia's been flaring up again, so I've been having difficulty staying awake. This has made it difficult to accomplish much of anything, least of all the parts of my plans I could otherwise accomplish immediately.

Some might recall that about two weeks ago I sent a query off to an agent regarding my book; her webpage stated that an automated email would be sent within the week, whenever she got around to opening it. Having not received said email after said two weeks, I presumed it lost to the great labyrinth of the internet. As a result, this afternoon I sent another query to another agent. Wouldn't you know it, not one hour later I get said automated email from the first. :P Ah well; maybe I'll get lucky and one of them will be interested at all. I hear it's notoriously difficult to get accepted by an agent as a new writer.

There is a possibility that my departure might be postponed a few days at least; as shitty as circumstances are to lead to such a thing, I kinda hope it does come to pass. I'm not nearly mentally ready to return to Cincinnati, least of all in this manner. As I keep saying, I really don't want to have to deal with that right now.

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